To work on right to food in 12 districts of Telangana in the coming 3 years creating awareness and ensuring pregnant women and children upto 6 years to access Government schemes that benefit them. In the process bring together communities and local government to build self-help mechanisms. The second important mission goal is to spread the experience SFF to other organizations in the form of training, studies, documentation and other ways.


We envision a society in which the citizens are highly aware of their rights and responsibilities to strengthen the democratic processes of government. We see people in the forefront dealing with Government to realize their rights. SFF facilitates the processes to ensure marginalized communities get their problems addressed. An environment of equal opportunities and inclusive growth is the goal through the involvement of local communities to make the “system” work for them.


SFF has its roots in the experience of its founder Ramesh Haresamudram who worked for over 25 years in development sector. With M.Phil in Sociology as academic qualification from Hyderabad Central University, Ramesh gained his experience by working in grassroots, starting with watershed management. Participatory irrigation management, formation and strengthening of Self help groups of women and federating them into Mutually Aided Cooperative Societies (MACS), enterprise development support to artisans and craft sector, purified drinking water are other areas in which Ramesh gained experience working in teams and leading senior management functions.

The building blocks of Social Frontier Foundation contain an innate empathy for the struggles and dignity of the disadvantaged. Participation is a key attribute of development work and it has been learnt with all respect to the native intelligence of farmers, rural women, artisans and other sections of people who need support and not charity. Working together with the marginalized is a key concept together with enabling, capacity building, organizing and supporting leadership to grow.

Social Frontier Foundation is a transitioned effort of an earlier organization called wings which provided consultancy support to various projects of livelihoods and micro finance.

The founder’s experience enabling SFF’s work

We design and implement rural development projects with a focus on building community owned institutions. The acts that promote member participation such as Mutually Aided cooperative Societies (MACS) and producer companies interest us and we specialize in strengthening the board and management of these institutions.

We conduct qualitative studies to know impact, design projects or evaluate interventions

We offer business development support to artisan groups, undertake support processes and help them grow.

We help in developing community mobilization strategies and also their implementation

We design and execute staff capacity building projects in the areas of micro finance, community owned institutions, farmers organizations, field work methods and other aspects of development.



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Registered Office: Flat 101, Acropolis Orchids, C,41, Rukminipuri, Dr. A.S. Rao nagar, Hyderabad – 500 062