Social Frontier Foundation

Supporting the marginalised, disadvantaged and underprivileged
in their fight to overcome poverty, lack of education, poor health, fear of persecution, injustice and other forms of social evil.

The volunteers of Tata Proengage supported our RTE Campaign in Bangalore. We deeply thank their contribution

Supporting communities to realize their rights

SFF has worked in Karnataka to support implementation of section 12 (1) (C) of RTE Act. 2000 Children have gained free admission into private schools during the year 2017-18

During 2018-19 the helpline received 70000+ calls and just when we were cruising to expand the support to the needy, the Government of Karnataka changed the admission rules to prioritize aided schools. We still hope that the RTE section 12 (1) (C) will be restored in Karnataka

Our current work on right to food takes us to the slums on the outskirts of Hyderabad city. We seek to reach out those unaware of the Government schemes and help register 5000 pregnant women to gain support from Government.

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Guiding Principles

Self-help by Communities

Facilitation and nurturing local leadership and volunteers to work for community’s access to their rights and entitlements. Capacity building of front-line community workers and civil society groups on specific themes of development, knowledge support in conducting studies, analysis and reporting and in general to work on building movements to support communities on ground.

Participatory Approaches

We hold close to heart tools such as “participatory rural appraisal”. People are not just diverse but also innately intelligent. Our work with farmers and illiterate rural people shows that there are many solutions that they can find and execute, if they are organized and find channels of expression in the democratic framework. Grassroots participation is key to better awareness and action in any sphere of development.

Strengthening Panchayats and Local Bodies

We believe that people should have access to structures of governance which can address their issues. For example, if Panchayats are empowered and take charge of implementing government programs, people will have easy access. The access can lead to better participation, awareness and also builds accountability because of easier access to data, records and process of implementation.

Capacity Building and Collaborations

Social Frontier Foundation believes in extending support to different organizations and actors in the sector through its capacity building efforts, advise, studies and joint execution of programs.

We are supported by Indus Action, an organization that implements legislative rights. We have been associated with Indus Action since 2017 to implement the legislative right, Section 12 (1) (c) of RTE Act in Karnataka State. Indus Action currently supports us to increase the reach of women to benefit from KCR Kits (similar to the PMMVY implemented in other States) in Telangana State.